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When you walk in to a room, seeing one of my artwork.. You should get a clear sense of whats going on in the word outside!
/Fredrik T Lindberg


Made: 1972 In Trollhättan
Lives: Gothenburg Sweden
Works: Everywhere
Use: Everything


After regular compulsary school and the Aesthetic program at upper secondary school, both in Trollhättan, i worked some different job`s.
But mostly i spent my time in my own studio, where i worked for several years, before i moved to Gothenburg.
Educated: Kv konstskola (kv-artschool)1999-2000Gothenburg
Gothenburg ARTschool Fd. Hovedskous konstskola 2000-2003


1989. "Dokument Inifrån" Photo and drawing (Documenta) Starkoderhallen. TROLLHATTAN
1991. "Drawing`s of something" Stranna. TROLLHATTAN
1992. "Plain-Paintings" SAGA Theater. THN
1993. Drawing`s at Cityhall. THN
1994. "To be or not to be(art)" Armenia Culture society. THN
1994. "En dag i norden" Photo. (one day in scandinavia) THN`s Museum
1995. "?" Gallery Pumphuset. THN
1995. Painting`s at Gallery NORDIC artwork. THN
1995. Happening. Gallery Pumphuset. THN
1995. "Broar mot framtiden-Bridges to the future" theStudio Hyvlareg. 1 THN
1996. "Midvinterljus" (Nordic Light) Gallery Kraftkällan. HELSINGBORG
1996. "Sweden`s biggest outdoor exhibition" (Painting`s on houses)
1997. "YOU AND ME" Gallery Viking. GOTHENBURG
1997. "Sweden`s biggest outdoor exhibition 1997"
1997. "INTERMEZZO" fd. Statsfängelset-former stateprision. VANERSBORG
1998. Painting`s Gallery D M. THN
1998. "Konstpaus" (artpause) Mixed media. Gallery Pumphuset. THN
1998. "Retro-Perspective" Painting. Gallery Silon. LIDKOPING
1999. "Hit ME first" Action THN/OSLO Norway
1999. "Inköpt" ("bought" city colletion)-TROLLHATTAN
1999. "My view of TROLLHATTAN" Photo. Konsthallen. State Gallery-TROLLHATTAN
2000. "ACCEPTED" Painting-Drawing. Gallery September. GOTHENBURG
2000."Måningar kring noll punkten-Paintings`s surrounding point zero" Flamingo. STOCKHOLM
2000. "Christmas Onatarium" Action Painting. Konsthallen. State Gallery-TROLLHATTAN
2001. Participant in the installation "Det goda rummet-The good room" Slakthuset. (slaughterhouse) UDDEVALLA
2001. "PRIMUS 1" Mixed Media. Konsthallen State Gallery-UPPLANDS VASBY
2002. "My view of my self" Photo. Konsthallen. State Gallery TROLLHATTAN
2002. School Show. Installation. GOTHENBURG
2002. "Jag känner... kä.. känd" SpyBar. STOCKHOLM
2002. "Public cross" Painting-Installation. VARBERG
2003. "My view of the world" Photo, Carpentry. Konsthallen. State Gallery TROLLHATTAN
2003. "Primus 2" Konsthallen State Gallery UPPLANS VASBY
2003. "SOLD" Gallery KonstEpidemin. GOTHENBURG
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